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Are you attracted to a Leo man? His excuse was that he was sick. Aquarius Man: My husband was a Leo and they are so sneaky you never know what is on their mind but he was loyal. You know the type of guy who says ur his girl has u around friends,family, road trips cuz hes a truck driver and two days later denys even telling you that u were his girl!!! Just one thing I been reading have been that Leos crave attention and are controlling.

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25 Truths About a Leo Man in Love and Relationships

Two weeks later I met someone new and it was love at first site and a true love experience which I now know, I have never had before. No career is beyond the abilities of the Leo man and he can be whatever he desires, but his best interests lie in politics, social work, event coordination, sports, sales, and clothing design. When you think of the proverbial guy who picks himself up by his bootstraps, conjure up images of this sign. Leos can be needy and moody, and they generally require an exhausting amount of reassurance. Either way, you should be prepared to stand your ground and demand to be heard. Zodiac Signs and Dates.

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